Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Men Wear Make-Up Too!

It's a well know fact that women wear tight clothes, short clothes, high heel shoes, weaves, foundation, eye liner, blush, lipstick etc. to enhance their appearance... But men wear make-up too.

Men don't literally wear make-up... well some do... but that's another post. What men do is they wear expensive sneakers, shoes or boots, jeans or a shirt with the latest designer's name big as day all over, or drive expensive cars. But that's what I like to call smoke and mirrors.

Just like men like to see the tight jeans, high heel shoes, etc... Women like to see the expensive sneakers, designer clothes, and expensive cars. What about that persons personality? Are you really attracted to the person or the appearance? While talking to a friend I heard one of the most ludicrous things I ever heard. She said when she was younger she would date a guy based on the sneakers he wore! She also stated that she didn't return a guys phone calls because he had the audacity to come to her house in a car with cloth interior... not leather! Is a leather interior that serious? Women always complain there are no "Good Men"... well maybe he was a good man... he just had cloth interior... but he was never given the chance.

When David Copperfield performs a magic trick, he uses smoke and mirrors to distract your attention. But when you see beyond the smoke and mirrors you understand how the trick was performed. As long as men and women continue to be so shallow and be obsessed with the outward appearance you will never understand what's behind the smoke and mirrors... But that's just Trey's Opinion.

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