Sunday, September 6, 2009

Women are turning "Good Men" into "Not so Much"

We often hear women say there is a shortage of "Good Men". Again, I ask what exactly is a "Good Man"... attractive, good job, good build and good credit? Or can a good man be average looking, average job, average build and average credit? Or is it just a man that treats you good?

Whatever the description, the more women advertise that there are no "Good Men" the more men who consider themselves to be "Good Men" take advantage of the situation. "Good Men" realize there is a shortage of "Good Men" and women are willing to deal with this "Good Man" even if he is seeing more than one woman. So is he still a "Good Man"? Not So Much!

So I think it again goes back to qualifying exactly what's a "Good Man". If a man lives with his mother does that make him not a "Good Man"? What if he's saving up to buy a house or he's there to help his mother? What if he doesn't drive a nice car and lives in a one bedroom apartment... does this not qualify him as a good man? Are women so materialistic they can only see what a man for what he displays? Did you ever stop to think that maybe he's saving money? If he has a big car note and a big mortgage that's less money to spend on dates, travel, etc? What if his credit is good? The way the economy is a lot of people's credit has been effected. I hear radio ads all the time saying "GOOD CREDIT BAD CREDIT NO CREDIT DIVORCE REPO YOU CAN STILL BUY A CAR"!!! I have been a realtor for over 10 years and I have seen people straighten out their credit and buy a house. Even after a bankruptcy it is possible to buy a house FHA 2 years out of bankruptcy. Maybe he isn't good with money, but with your guidance he can be better.

Now that "Good Men" realize they can use their "Good Man Tag" to date more women... the few "Good Men" available might not be that "Good" anymore. Women have to start looking beyond the surface and look at a man's potential... You might be surprised at what you find... but that's just Trey's Opinion.

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