Thursday, January 7, 2010

What's Love Got to Do With It???

Like Tina Turner said, "What's Love Got to Do With It?"

Do people really get together for Love any more? Do we even really know what Love is?

Are we really searching for Love? I don't think so! Often we seek our mate for other reasons. We pursue someone because we are physically attracted to them... whether they are right for us or not. We pursue someone for what they have... physically or financially.

Most men will seek love physically. For most men, it doesn't matter... If she lives at home with her parents... has a couple kids.... and her job is wiping elephants booty with a baby wipe... a guy will talk to her if he finds her attractive. For most men... not all... it doesn't matter what she has financially if he doesn't find her attractive, now there are some men that will use women... don't get me wrong.

On the other hand, if a man works at McDonalds... most women wouldn't give him the time of day. If a man has 3rd degree burns over 95% of his body but pulls up in a new Mercedes Benz a woman will talk to him. Is the man working at McDonalds unable to Love her the same as the crispy guy driving the Mercedes Benz?

A lot of relationships are formed on a business partnership, a successful man and a successful woman may hook up... they may not necessarily love each other... but it's a good business decision for them to be together because their combined income is nice.

Part of the reason the infidelity rate is so high is because we are hooking up for the wrong reasons. A woman that hooks up with a man because of what he has may not be getting satisfied at home... or a man may stray for the same reason... ask Tiger Woods!

So What's Love Got To Do With It?.. Nothing because most of the time the person that Loves YOU for YOU is over-looked for some material reason.

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