Saturday, July 18, 2009

Are there any good black men left????

What exactly would you consider a good man? One that pays the bills on time? One that doesn't hit you? One that doesn't cheat? The number of good available men is decreasing; however, they still are out there. But if you come across a good man, would you know what to do with him? I believe the answer is no. People have a tendency to date the same type of person. So if you have been dating no good men... that's probably what you like. Given the opportunity to date a good man, you probably wouldn't know how to react. If he doesn't hit you, or cheat on you and stays at home and helps with the house work... you would probably find that doesn't promote the drama you enjoy. If your man stayed at home every day that's no fun... It's more fun to get in the car with your girlfriend and go to some other woman's house looking for your man... NOW THAT'S FUN!!!

Yes there are good men out here. He may not be the most attractive guy, or make the most money, or have the greatest job... but they are out here. Are you looking in the right places? Are you giving the good guy a chance? Or does he fall into the friend category and give you advice on how to deal with that no good man? Do you really want a good man? Or are you just chasing the dream? To be continued...

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  1. Hello Trey,

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