Friday, July 24, 2009

It's All About The Thrill Of The Chase

I have a question for you... What is the only country in the world that hunts on a full stomach? That's right America... Think about it... In Africa, when they go hunting; most likely, they are hunting for dinner. Why do Americans hunt on a full stomach? Because it's all about the thrill of the chase. The same holds true with dating.

It all begins with the presentation. I don't care what anybody says, I have never seen a woman across the room and said WOW!!! Look at her brain!!! What we do notice is a persons outward appearance and how they present it. If a woman presents the package like she deserves respect, most likely she will get that respect. If a woman presents the package like a hoochie... most likely she will be treated like a hoochie. It is possible to present the package in a sexy way and still be tasteful... But like Dave Chappell said if you have your breast poppin out of your turtleneck... don't be surprised at how men react. Let me expand on what I mean by a sexy way. It's always best to have a little mystery about yourself. A woman has more devices than a man to appear to be mysterious. Less really is more. Who is more mysterious i.e. sexy? A young lady wearing a form fitting dress or a skank wearing daisy dukes and a tube top?

Now you are out with the guy and assuming everything is going okay you are wondering should I give him a peck on the cheek, a peek on the lips or stick my tongue down his throat? It may be going so well that you are wondering should I give him some and how will he look at me afterwards? Well Tupac said in the song I Get Around, "I don't want it if it's that easy"... but we'll take it!!! Now how will guys look at you in the morning... I think it goes back to presentation... If you came off like a hoochie than you are probably just a one night stand... but if the chemistry is there and you are really feeling each other than he may look at it that you were just caught up in the passion of the moment. But that may affect the relationship down the line... Ladies... like I said it's all about the thrill of the chase and now the chase is over! So it may be beneficial to make him wait 60 days... 90 days... whatever... but eventually the thrill of the chase is gone.

Have you noticed that after time the relationship starts to change? You don't go out as much... You don't have sex as much... You don't have as much to talk about... the thrill of the chase is gone. Now he may be looking for a new bounty to hunt. It may not be able to go back to the thrill of the chase, but it is possible to rejuvenate your relationship. Remember back in the day when you first met him and you use to get your hair did, you use to get your nails done, you use to wear the matching underwear... Now you just throw your hair in a ponytail and wear those underwear that are so big homeless people can use them for shelter... Go back to the things that made him want to chase you. If that doesn't work it may be time to make yourself available to be chased again... but that's only Trey's Opinion.

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  1. Oh boy, you're on target. Keep preaching. I love it!!!