Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Master Manipulator... Don't be a Victim

Master Manipulator... or what I like to call the Jedi Mind Trick. When you first meet a guy he brings you flowers... he brings you candy... he opens doors... whispers sweet nothings in your ear... breaks you off a little money to get your hair did. During the first 30, 60 or 90 days you may be dealing with the representative... but once that time frame is over the real person comes out.

No more flowers... no more candy... no more opening the doors... he doesn't call you beautiful any more... WHAT HAPPENED?!?!?!? You were dealing with the representative and once he knows he has you, the real person can come out! Why does this happen? Once he knows he has you, he can now treat you any way he wants and you won't go any where.

Why won't a woman leave at this point???? Is the sex that good? Maybe it is... but what has happened is he showed you a really nice person and you may want to leave... but when you have one foot out of the door he shows you some of that nice person that he showed you in the beginning. This may be just enough to keep you on the hook, but eventually it grows old. You know he has it in him and you hang on to the hopes that the person you met in the beginning will emerge... but most likely he won't. The representative is long gone. But he will use a jedi mind tricks to control you. Now what is a jedi mind trick you ask... Remember Eddie Murphy Raw and he said "Mr. T isn't that smart... if he came up to me I could probably use a Jedi Mind Trick on him... I heard you were telling jokes about me... no you didn't... maybe I didn't... I'm gonna beat up the fool that told me those lies". He may not say he loves you for weeks... but as soon as he sees you are feed up he may say it. Does he mean it or is he saying it to keep you on the hook? Something as a text saying "Thinking about you" can be a mind trick... Just because he came across your name alphetically in his phone and sent you that text... he may have sent it to 5 other women... and it will serve it's purpose with each woman. A Jedi Mind Trick can be used in any situation at any time... I'm not saying all men use Jedi Mind Trick... I'm just saying don't become a victim... Some men are Jedi Masters... but that's just Treys Opinion.

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