Saturday, July 25, 2009

Do You Hear The Words That Are Coming Outta My Mouth???

Communication. Men and Women communicate very differently... and the sooner you realize this the better. Men usually say what we mean, the problem starts when women try to over analysis it and make it more complicated than it really is. If a man says, "I am just dating, if I happen to find the right one I will cut the rest off and make that commitment". That's exactly what he means. A woman doesn't hear that... what a woman hears is "He may be dating other women but they aren't as good as me and the reason he is single is because he hasn't met me yet". That's not what he said... what he said was I might go out with you today and I might be going out with someone else tomorrow, because I am just dating.

Another thing is women must learn to cut to the chase. Do you wonder why it seems like your man isn't listening? Because after three minutes you start to sound like Charlie Brown's teacher. Blah Blah Blah!!! If a man gets into an accident here is his account of the accident. I got into a accident the car is messed up... gotta figure out how I'm going to get to work. Straight and to the point. Here is a woman's account. I had just left work at 5 PM and the B***H on the elevator looked at me funny cause I had on some nice shoes. It was a nice day... about 83 degrees when I got outside and then I got in the car and turned on the radio. I pulled out the parking lot and drove about 5 blocks when I saw this B***H with about 3 kids in a silver hooptie and she was on the phone and yelling at the kids and she ran the red light and hit me. I got out the car and we started yelling and the cops came and an ambulance came but I didn't want to go to the hospital, but now I'm wishing I did cause I could use a come up. Well as soon as your started talking about shoes we were wondering what was on Sports Center.

If you want your communication to be more effective with your man, talk to him like you are one of his boys. Just walk in the house and say, "Get your behind up and wash the dishes". He may cuss you out... on his way to the kitchen... but you will get the results you wanted. You know why? Because he hasn't blocked you out yet. But when you come home and start talking about how your day was and how you don't like the other women at the job and the traffic and you're tired and you could use some help around the house, etc., etc., etc., we are now focused on Sports Center and have blocked you out and didn't hear when you asked us to wash the dishes. But that's just Trey's Opinion.

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