Wednesday, July 22, 2009

When Chasing The Dream... Choose Wisely

Everyone wants to be comfortable. When making a decision on who you will spend the rest of your life with... choose carefully! At an early age women may be intrigued by the wrong types of men. Athletes, artists, thugs and bad boys may seem appealing. Women may pursue these men for different reasons. Security, the lime light, the money, or just because of his swagger. Whatever the reason is you make the choices you do... choose wisely.

Odds of becoming a professional athlete are very small. Even if he is the all star athlete in high school or college, that doesn't always translate into a professional career. There have been many top prospects in college that don't make it to the pro ranks and if they do they may not make the team. Better make sure he gets a degree while in college. But if your man is lucky enough to be included in the small percentage that does actually make it to the pros and earns a significant salary you may have to deal with women in each city that he travels to... you know... the groupies. The groupies don't care if he has a girlfriend or a wife... ask Steve McNair's wife. As always, there are exceptions to the rule and it is possible to be in strong relationship with an athlete.

Odds of becoming an artist, whether it's a singer, rapper, actor, etc may be greater than becoming an athlete. Even a local band, singer, rapper, etc may have groupies... and what if he does make it and you are dealing with the groupies in every city. Don't be surprised when baby mommas start poppin up! What if he never makes it... there are a lot of no talent artist out there. What if Puffy never picks up the demo... does he have any other job skills?

A very obtainable career is a drug dealer or a thug. You like his swagger and you still get to enjoy the money. But the streets ain't playing... will you wait for him if he goes to jail? Will you be outside the jail doing hand signals? Will you tie balloons to a tree outside of the jail on Father's Day? What if the junkie can't pay for the drugs... he may be bringing home more than the money... he might be bringing home that HIV! What happens if he becomes a casualty to the streets? Will your children be without their father? What happens when the fast money slows up? Oh yeah... and he is a thug... don't be surprised when he hits you!

It may not be about any of these things... you just like him cause he has good hair or light eyes and you want your baby to have good hair and light eyes...

Like I said... choose wisely because once you reach you mid 30's and the paper chase didn't work out... you've had 2,3 or more kids and your body isn't like it use to be... that will effect your dating pool. Now all of the sudden that "A" student that wears the suit and works 9-5 becomes a lot more attractive. But that's just Trey's Opinion.

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