Thursday, July 23, 2009

Light Skin vs Dark Skin

Yeah... I'm going there!!! Racism exists amongst ourselves. It probably dates back to the house slave vs the field slave... who knows... maybe even before that.

We are all individuals that come in different shapes, sizes and colors... from high yellow to midnight black. We come with good hair, bad hair (some of us are folically challenged), tall short, fat, thin, etc. Nowadays, you can change a lot of those things. You can buy hair, you can even change your eye color. You can under go procedures to change your appearance or liposuction to change your shape. Plastic surgery is not just for the wealthy any more. It can be put on lay-a-way like that pair of parachute pants you didn't pick up from the 80's. You can only alter your skin tone but so much... unless you're Michael Jackson or Lil' Kim. But does light mean it's right? Does that make a person more attractive? I guess that is an age old debate.

Some men date exclusively light skinned women. Some men date exclusively dark skinned women. Sometimes we want what we aren't, meaning a dark skinned man may persue a light skinned woman. Does this mean that this man has issues with his skin tone or is he protecting his children from a dark skinned ridicule? Is dating a light skinned woman the closest thing to dating a white girl without going all the way? What ever happened to "The Darker The Berry The Sweeter The Juice"?

I believe all of that doesn't matter. If a man chooses to date exclusively light or dark that is his preference and everyone is entitled to their preference. If a woman decides she wants to date a dark skinned Amistad looking brother that is her choice. If she wants a man that works out all of the time, If she is a chubby chaser, If she likes em tall or short, a suit or a thug... that is her choice. So women shouldn't have an issue if a man prefers light skinned or dark skinned, long hair or short hair, skinny or thick, kids or without kids... whatever his preference he should be able to persue that.

I believe beauty comes in all colors and I do not discrimate. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder whether it's black, white, asian or latino... but that's only Trey's Opinion.

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  1. Very nice Trey! I think some black women get mad when they see a brotha with a different race because they might be alone at the time and feel robbed, so to speak. They would rather he was alone then with someone non-black whether he was happy or not.

    I like the way you referenced how things have changed since the 80's. Young people today don't realize how lucky they are. They have easy access to what we only dreamed about when we were young. I remember when only doctors and lawyers had cell phones. Today we have kids as young as 10 with them.