Sunday, August 16, 2009

Are There Any Good Black Women Left???

We often hear the question "Are There Any Good Black Men Left?". Well I'm asking... Are There Any Good Women Left? Are these women posing the question Are There Any Good Men... Good Women? We may still be unclear on exactly what a "Good Man" is... attractive, physically fit, gainfully employed, no baby mama drama, intelligent, good sense of humor, etc??? Well let's turn the question around!

Are the women asking this question attractive women? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder so I can't answer this question without bias; however, most attractive women are hot commodities.

Are the women physically fit? Time has an effect on our bodies... and let's face it... none of us are getting any younger. As women get older there body doesn't bounce bacck like it use to after having a baby. Something I heard on the radio, I'm not sure if it's tue... is that a lot of black women don't go to the gym!

Are the women gainfully employed? Today, there are a large amount of women that are going to college, pursuing a career and holding it down on there own. However, there are still women that are caught up in the system or use men as a source of income. These women would also be considered a hot commodity.

Do these women have baby daddy drama? If women are concerned about a man having baby mama drama... that means we have to be concerned about baby daddy drama... sometimes multiple baby daddy drama. As I am approaching 40 I find it more difficult to find a woman with no children or maybe just one.

Black women out number black men approximately 100 to 87. So let's say out of the 87 men 20 are in relationships, 20 are in jail, 20 are "No Good" 20 are "Undateable" and 6 are gay. That would leave 1 good man out of 87. Now... on the other hand out of the 100 women 25 are in relationships, 20 have multiple baby daddy drama, 20 are "Undateable", 20 are caught up in the system and 14 are gay. That would leave one good woman. Now what are the odds of the one good man finding the one good woman? Pretty slim I would say... I think it's time we all adjust our standards... But that's just Trey's Opinion!


  1. Yes there are plenty of good women!!!

  2. lol! now i'm sure this was meant to be funny right. I'm a good woman, who is educated, employed and does not have any kids. I'm waiting for the right one but as you've stated my pickings are slim. Why do you think so many black men are unprepared to face the challenges of a commited relationship?

  3. There's lots of Good Black Men and Women out there!! Unfortunately..everyone is scared of committing to the "wrong" person!!!