Thursday, August 13, 2009

Never Judge A Book By It's Cover

Never Judge A Book By It's Cover... We often hear this saying... but do we really follow it? I am a 38 year old single male with no kids, never been married, above average intelligence and gainfully employed. I am a fairly light skinned guy. I am clean cut. I wear suits. I can articulate a sentence. I would consider myself a good man... but how am I perceived?

A lot of those qualities would be considered qualities of a good man... but is that what you are really looking for?

38 and no kids... WOW... something must be wrong with him... why doesn't he have any kids? Never married... WOW nobody wants him... he has a fear of commitment... something must be wrong. He's smart... must be a nerd.. boring... corny. He's clean cut and wears suits and can articulate a sentence without every word being slang... He probably only dates white girls.

Like Paul Mooney said... I guess I make Wayne Brady look like Malcolm X. But that's judging a book by the cover. I consider myself a chamillion I can go to a bar in the hood or a 5 star restaurant. I can chill with the fellas or go to a business meeting. I may not wear my pants hanging around my ankles or have dreads or cornrows (I'm follically challenged) but that doesn't mean I'm not down.

You would be surprised at the amount of times I approach an African American female in the club and she says... I didn't think you would approach me... you look like the type of guy that only dates white girls. You are making assumptions without getting to know me.

I'm gangsta... that's right... I said it... I'm gangsta... but my gangsta is on a corporate level. I'm gonna wear my suit... and go to work, but I'm going to use my street knowledge to gain as much knowledge to carry my game to the next level and translate that into my own thing... or use my street smarts to analysis a situation and figure out how I can turn that into a hustle. Sometimes it's necessary to play the role. I am a Black Man in White America.

So basically this goes back to a previous post (Are there any good men left... go read my previous post) There are good men left; however, you have to Stop Judging A Book By It's Cover. Are you looking in the right places or are you Judging the Book By The Cover without giving him a chance. I'm not saying all women, because I do believe as women become older and more mature they do appreciate this type of male.

My favorite saying is... Don't Let The Smooth Taste Fool Ya... This saying is usually used in association with alcohol... because it may taste good but still get you drunk off your butt. I may look a certain way, but I will surprise you and knock you on your butt. So ladies, It's time you stop letting the smooth taste fool ya... but that's just Treys Opinion


  1. I am a female who experiences the same prejudices as you. I have a golden complexion with european features. Many times my ethnicity is called into question which is quite insulting and amazing to me. Why is it that people still don't understand that the beauty of african americans is that we come in all shades of color. What is really ironic to me is the african american men i meet who are attracted to me just because i don't look like a typical black woman WHATEVER TYPE THAT MAY BE. Why do you think black men have become so enamored with the idea of dating someone out of their race???

  2. When I first came to this country and had to fill out an employment application...i wasn't sure what to put down for my race!! My parents are mixtures of different nationalities..and none of them were for the longest time..i always checked "Other".. until the day someone told me I was "Black".. hahaha..