Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Lines of Communication

Okay boys and girls... Is this high school or what? It shouldn't be about waiting to see who's gonna call who first. If you meet somebody and you like them... Does the man have to call first? Is it Okay for a woman to call first? Does it really matter? Have you missed out on a nice guy because you refused to call him first? What if he's busy... or shy... or not a phone person? Is a text acceptable for a first communication? It's not that serious... if you like a guy, pick up the phone and give him a call.

Text messaging is a very powerful tool and I hate to say this... but most guys love text because sometimes women like to talk too much and this way we can keep it straight and to the point. Again, this isn't high school. I'm not trying to stay on the phone all night... remember back in the day... you hang up first... no you hang up first... okay... same time on three... one... two... three... You didn't hang up!!! You didn't hang up either and then you fall asleep on the phone... wake up a couple hours later with the phone cord wrapped around your neck. Some of you might not remember when phones had cords!

You also have to be careful with phone calls and texts. Just because a man calls you, doesn't mean he likes you. Do you have a guy you don't talk to that often... you might get a text or phone call like every Wednesday or Thursday. I hate to tell you this, but he's probably just trying to line up some booty for the weekend. Just a feeler text or phone call to see what kinda feedback he gets then it's on to the next one in alphabetical order.

Since we are talking about phones... it is not okay to go thru your mans phone. If you don't trust him... you probably shouldn't be with him! Going thru the phone is very high school. Most likely he is going to delete the call history before he gets to your house anyway, and once he gets to your house the ringer is placed on silence and the phone is face down on the table. If you have broken codes on cell phones or emails... or even worse called somebody out of the cell phone. WOW! Is it that serious? Have you ever cost your man some potential income because you called somebody that was a business associate or client?

Everybody has a cell phone now... and at one point or another they will all get us in trouble... but that's just Trey's Opinion.

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