Thursday, August 6, 2009

Think I Better Let It Go... Looks Like Another Love TKO

Getting into a relationship can be a lot like boxing. We all bring baggage into our new relationships. Experience is gained from past relationships, and you will carry those experiences with you for the rest of your life. You probably picked up something from your last relationship... whether it was good or bad. After a bad experience you may build walls to protect yourself from repeating the same mistake. It's understandable to keep your guard up to protect yourself from that Mike Tyson blow.

After the last man dogged you out... you probably have built The Great Wall of China around yourself. You may have a really good man trying to court you but you are so damaged from your past relationships you are not willing to let him in. It's definitely risky to open yourself up to be hurt again... but how will you know if this is the right man for you unless you allow yourself to let him in. Like I said... this is a boxing match... so you should keep your guard up but if you keep shutting him down he will eventually act like cockroaches when the light comes on and flee.
Nobody wants to be hurt... but we all have dealt with it before and what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger. You have to be willing to wear your heart on your sleeve if you really like somebody and you want to make it work. The hurt will pass and you will be able to eventually move on.

No matter what the previous man did to you, you are now dealing with a brand new unique individual. Don't make that man pay for the mistakes the previous man made. Again, this is a boxing match and he may start to wear you down after a few rounds... but watch out for that over-hand right. Some men have alternative motives and may put in the time to wear you down just to hit you with the sucker punch... but it's nothing you can do but chalk it up to experience. Not all men are the same... and it would be foolish to act as such. It's wise to keep your guard up... but don't allow your knight in shining armor to ride off in the sunset because you are dealing with issues from previous relationship... but that's just Trey's Opinion


  1. you are yet right again. when is the book coming out?

  2. The same goes with men!!! They think all women are the same...